About Pricecheckrs.com

Online shopping is very popular. Figures show that both the number of webshops as well as the online shoppers is increasing yearly. In a market in which the top 10 web stores are dominant and as a result almost half (46.7% according to Twinkle) of all orders attracts, consumers regularly get an incomplete picture of the available product offer. Pricecheckrs helps consumers find the best offer and gives smaller web shops a fair chance to compete.

Always the best price

Pricecheckrs solves the problem of poor findability of web stores. The result is an increase in the product range and more options for comparing prices. In this way, consumers can save money on their online purchases. Pricecheckrs applies so-called "automated comparison techniques" that map dynamic prices. This makes it possible to compare prices offered on web stores with those of other shops.

Save on average 100 euro’s a year

An initial study has shown that consumers with Pricecheckers can save on average more than 100 euros a year! Consumers who have added Pricecheckrs to their Chrome browser will receive a confirmation on the product page of an online store whether or not they have found the best price. When there appears to be a better price, they receive an overview of alternative providers. If the price difference is interesting, consumers can easily click through to the web shop with the best price. In this way, consumers save on average more than 100 euros annually.

Make online shopping easier

Pricecheckrs is a part of WebshopLogin that makes online shopping easier. In 2018 the development of Pricecheckrs was started with the aim of realizing the ultimate product and price comparator.

How does pricecheckrs earn money?

Pricecheckrs cooperates with more than 1,000 web stores by comparing the prices of products on a daily basis. The moment you visit a web store via an link from price checkers and order something, we receive a commission about it.

100% independent

Reliability is our priority. Pricecheckrs strives to compare a complete and complete range of products and suppliers with each other. Every web store is welcome to join us. Pricecheckrs checks the best available price that is known to us.


We like to work together and add the product feed of your web store to pricecheckrs.com. Contact us at support@webshoplogin.com to organize this.