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Check the best price of products

Are you unsure whether you pay too much online for products at your favorite web stores? Then we have the solution for you! Then check the price of products so that you are sure that you are not paying too much. Use the search engine on or compare product prices from now on while shopping online using the Pricecheckrs Chrome extension.

How does product search on work?

You will find the product search bar on every page on our website. In this search bar you can enter a product name (eg "philips") or characteristic (eg "bbq").

Press the search icon and Pricecheckrs will pick up the products that match your search. If desired, you can refine your search via the left menu by entering the desired from-to price and searching on it. By clicking on the (i) icon that is attached to the product you go to the product page of Pricecheckrs. More information about the product can be found on this specific product page. In addition, all available providers are visible with the different prices for which they sell the product. When you click on the "Go to best price" button in the search results you go directly to the web store that is known to Pricecheckrs as the one that sells the product cheapest online. You can then order the product on this web store.

How do you compare service providers on

In addition to comparing products and prices, you can also compare service providers independently at Pricecheckrs. Providers you can compare are for example Hotel prices and Flight tickets.

How does automatic product price comparison work via Chrome?

If you always want to check the prices of products while shopping, you can do so with the Pricecheckrs Chrome extension. You can easily add this to your Chrome browser on your computer. We then check in the background whether you are offered the best price for products.

earch for your product on any web store. Does this web store not have the best price? Then you automatically get a pop-up with an overview of suppliers with the best prices and a link to the web store. Is it already the best price? Then we will let you know this too.

Add the free Pricecheckrs extension to your browser. Pricecheckrs is easy to use. You do not have to register and you do not need an account. You can also turn the notifications on and off at any time.